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What is Aarti Sangraha

Aarti Sangraha is a collection of 108 different aartis that are generally sung by people during the offering of worship to the deity either daily or on special occations.

Since the aartis are in the Hindi Indian Language, we have made each of the Aarti as a downloadable and printable PDF file for your easy and quick reference. We are in the process of transliterating these aartis into English and further adding appropriate descriptions to the meaning and purpose of every aarti.

Index of Aarti in the Hindi Section [Click to Download Aarti as PDF File]
Aarti Name
Aarthi Ma Sharadhaji ki
Aarthi Sri Tulsiji ki
Aarti Batuknath Bhairavji Ki
Aarti Bhagavan Sri Chandraji ki
Aarti Bhagwan Shivji Ki
Aarti Bhudvar ki
Aarti Bruhaspativar ki
Aarti Chintapoorni Deviji ki
Aarti Durgaji Ki
Aarti Gajbadan Vinayakji Ki
Aarti Gomataji ki
Aarti JaharVeerji ki
Aarti Jai Santhoshi Ma ki
Aarti Janakinathji Ki
Aarti Kailashwasi Shivji Ki
Aarti Krishna Kaniayaji Ki
Aarti Mahadevji Ki
Aarti Manasa Deviji ki
Aarti Mangalvar ki
Aarti Maryada Purushotam Ram Ki
Aarti Naina Deviji ki
Aarti Nand Kishorji Ki
Aarti Nav Durgaji Ki
Aarti ParbrahmaParameshwarji Ki
Aarti Pretraj Sarkar (Sankathari) Ji Ki
Aarti Pretraj Sarkarji Ki
Aarti Ravivar ki
Aarti Saraswatiji ki
Aarti Shaakumbari Deviji ki
Aarti Shanivar ki
Aarti Shivrathri Ki
Aarti Shukravar ki
Aarti Sitaji ki
Aarti Sitaramji Ki
Aarti Somvar ki
Aarti Sri Ambaji Ki
Aarti Sri Anjali Kumar Ki
Aarti Sri Badrinarayanji Ki
Aarti Sri Bajrangbaliji Ki
Aarti Sri Balaji Ki
Aarti Sri Balkrishnaji Ki
Aarti Sri Bhagwan Shyam Sundarji Ki
Aarti Sri Bhairav Ladle Ki
Aarti Sri Bhairavji Ki
Aarti Sri Bharatji ki
Aarti Sri Bihariji Ki
Aarti Sri Brajnandan Ki
Aarti Sri Durgaji Ki
Aarti Sri Ganapatiji Ki
Aarti Sri Ganeshji Ki
Aarti Sri Gangaji ki (1)
Aarti Sri Gangaji ki (2)
Aarti Sri Gangaji ki (3)
Aarti Sri Gayathriji ki (1)
Aarti Sri Gayathriji ki (2)
Aarti Sri Giridharaji Ki
Aarti Sri Gopalji Ki
Aarti Sri Govardhan Maharajji Ki
Aarti Sri Hanumanji Ki
Aarti Sri Jagdambeji Ki
Aarti Sri Kabirji ki
Aarti Sri Kali Deviji ki
Aarti Sri Kedarnathji Ki
Aarti Sri Krishnaji Ki
Aarti Sri Kunjbihariji Ki
Aarti Sri Lakshmiji Ki
Aarti Sri Madhrabhagawat Puranaji Ki
Aarti Sri Maruti Nandan Ki
Aarti Sri Narmadaji ki (1)
Aarti Sri Narmadaji ki (2)
Aarti Sri Narmadaji ki (3)
Aarti Sri Natwar Nagarji Ki
Aarti Sri Parvatiji ki
Aarti Sri Radhaji ki
Aarti Sri RadhaKrishnaji Ki
Aarti Sri Radhikaji ki
Aarti Sri Ram Janm Ki
Aarti Sri Ramayanji Ki
Aarti Sri Ramchandraji Ki
Aarti Sri Ramchandraji Ki
Aarti Sri Ravidasji ki
Aarti Sri Saibabaji ki
Aarti Sri Sainuji ki
Aarti Sri Santoshi Maa Ki
Aarti Sri Saraswatiji Ki
Aarti Sri Satyanarayanji Ki
Aarti Sri Shail-Suta ki
Aarti Sri Shivajiji Ki
Aarti Sri Sitaji ki
Aarti Sri Sitaramji Ki
Aarti Sri Suryanarayanaji ki
Aarti Sri Triveniji ki
Aarti Sri Tulsiji ki
Aarti Sri Vaishnov Devi (Trikut Mandir) Ji Ki
Aarti Sri Vaishnovji Ki
Aarti Sri Vigna Vinashakji Ki
Aarti Sri Virat Bhawanji Ki
Aarti Sri Vishnuji Ki
Aarti Sri Yamunaji ki (1)
Aarti Sri Yamunaji ki (2)
Aarti SriGuru NanakDevji ki
Aarti SriGuru Srichandraji ki
Aarti Srimadhbhagvadhgeetaji Ki (1)
Aarti Srimadhbhagvadhgeetaji Ki (2)
Aarti Srisalasar Balaji (Hanuman) Ki
Aarti Yashoda Lal Ki
Charo Vedo Dwara Ram Stuti
Hanumadh Prarthana

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