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More Details about Festival - Rakshabandan

The origin of Raksha Bandhan is not really known but it is celebrated with joy and excitement in the Hindu month of Shravanon, the full moon day - Shravan Poornima. The Hindi word "Raksha" means protection and "Bandhan" means a knot, bond or a tie. This is a celebration of brother's promise to take care of his sister.

On this day, sisters tie a colorful thread on to their brothers’ wrist. The tying of this simple knot signifies the deep love and commitment that the brother has towards always protecting his sister from any physical and mental harm. The colourful thread is usually referred to as a Rakhi.

Although Raksha Bandhan is observed between real brothers and sisters, this day also brings together cousins together and also sisters and brothers who are not related to each other but share a brotherly bond with each other. Sisters still remember and send a real Rakhee by snail mail or an E-Rakhee via the wonderful E-cards or e-mail. Brothers reciprocate this love by sending gifts to their beloved sisters.

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