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More Details about Festival - Skand Shashti (Shukl Paksh Sixth Day)

This is in reverence in Kartikkeye, the combination of vanity (egotism and greatness (significance). Vishnu and Shiva are most superior and Uma is imperceptible goddess. By a union of Shiva and Uma, was produced vanity and greatness, called Kartikkeye. There was a necessity of such a birth, due to constant was between gods and demons. Demons were proving stronger. They had Hirneykasipu, Hirnyaksh, Viprcirti, Bhimaksh, Kraunc and others, who were very brave and able commanders, but the gods had only one protector and commander Indra.

Brihaspati, the priest of gods, did not relish such a state, so he advised the gods to arrange for an able and capable commander. They all went to Brahma an afterwards to Siva. They all propitiated Siva and prayed that they wanted a competent commander, to fight the demons (Rakshasas). Siva asked them to go back and assured them that he would arrange one. Then Siva inspired Uma and by their union, a very luminous, strong, valorous son appeared. His beauty and strength were extraordinary and he commenced showing his amorous sport from the very childhood. Gods assembled and in their presence, Siva gave Shakh and Vaisakh as attendants and bade Kartikkeye to become the commander of the army of Gods. The gods invoked him as Pavki, Kumar and Kartikkeye. Soon after this, Kartikkeye developed a huge form. Because of having been nourished by six mothers, he was named Pavki-Brahma consecrated him on Shashti (Sixth). So anyone, who undertakes a fast on this day and invokes Kartikkeye, all his wishes and desires are fulfilled. The house holders remain free from illness and attain long life, by propitiation of Kartikkeye on Shashti day.

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